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Safe & Secure public ATMs for your city or county

Convenient & Easy Revenue Generation

Municipalities, local organizations and public spaces are all looking to offer their patrons convenience-oriented services that keep them coming back. Our ATMs can service any public environment from local penitentiaries to public parks and open spaces. Just contact Capital Vending & Distribution today about your public space, and we’ll find a solution that works well for you!

Service & Maintenance for Existing Products

Does your city or town already have public ATMs that need regular maintenance or service? Capital Vending & Distribution can work with most major ATM manufacturers to provide routine and custom service. Just call us today and learn more about how Capital Vending & Distribution can service your network of municipal ATMs.

Serving Public Partners Large & Small


Lauderdale County chooses Capital Vending & Distribution

When Lauderdale County was looking for a new ATM provider for their inmates, Capital Vending & Distribution stepped up to the plate to provide access to safe and secure ATMs at their facilities. With regular maintenance and restocking packages, Capital Vending was the clear choice for the county.

Have questions about getting ATM machines operating for your municipal location? Capital Vending can help you find a product and operating plan that can generate incremental revenue for all of your stores.

Call us at 256-766-0010 today!

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